System Test

System requirements:

JavaScript JavaScript must be enabled.
Graphics loading 16-bit graphics card (16K colours minimum)
Display size loading Resolution of 1024 x 768 required.
Connection speed loading Connection speed of 600 Kbps required.
Operation system loading WINDOWS(Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7), MACINTOSH(Mac OS X) and Linux(Red Hat Enterprise Linux, openSUSE, Ubuntu).
Browser loading Browser version at or above Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Opera 7.11, Safari 3 and Chrome 2.0. Get IE
Flash loading Adobe Flash Player 10 or above. Get Flash
Processor speed 500 MHz processor or faster.
Memory 128 MB RAM required.
Sound 16-bit sound card and speakers or headset.

System check:

If the test video does not play automatically please press play on the video controls. You should see and hear the test video


If the test video did not play or you got crosses in the system checker, please check the steps below or contact Media on Demand support on 01483 808969 or

Check your audio:

1. Make sure your speakers are not muted and that your volume is high enough.
2. Make sure you can hear audio from other sources, such as a CD, or audio files on your local hard drive.
3. If you can't hear anything from your PC then either your speakers or sound card drivers may have a problem. Check with your local IT department for further assistance.


If you are on a corporate LAN, you will most likely be behind a firewall (a device which forbids certain traffic from entering the network). Some companies prefer to block media traffic and if you are experiencing problems related to this, please contact your system administrator. Feel free to pass on our details to them so we can help troubleshoot the problems.

Project on a large screen:

If you would like to project the video screen, click on the full screen button in the player controls.